Could Rutgers Compete with Alabama Football?

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Woah, Noah crazy headline there, are you on crystal meth, pal?? Maybe I am, loyal article readers, I have been known to hot roll from time to time ifyouknowwhatimean. Kidding! I say no to drugs, and looked up the term ‘hotroll’ on Yahoo. But Rutgers, that’s valid.

Don’t believe me? Check out this stat:

Most points against Ohio State in a quarter:

  1. Alabama: 28

2. Rutgers: 18.

Think the state is false? Well check it out in tweet form from this Rutgers podcast account.

Mmmhmmm. I thought so. Looks like the boys on the banks are on a pretty level playing field with the big, bad Crimson Tide. Realistically, I’d set that line at Bama +6.5, and take the points with the Knights. Call it a preview for the 2022 National Championship.

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