Could Nikola Jokic be UFC Heavyweight Champ?

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I’m sure you’ve seen Nikola Jokic absolutely destroy Markieff Morris tonight, and this really has me thinking about this guy fighting abilities. He’s from east Europe, so you know he’s got some sort of fighting blood in him already, and based on what he did to Morris, he’s clearly working with some crazy strength and agression. Check out the hit.

So, could this guy compete in the UFC heavyweight division? No. No he couldn’t actually. Francis Ngannou would knock Jokic’s head back to Serbia in two seconds if he had to. I’m a Jokic fan, but the guys just so unbelievaly slow and unathletic. He could train for years and never have the head movement to get out of the way of Stipe Miocic’s jab. I could see him using his size to get guys to the ground and beat them up in the amateur ranks if he trained at it, but once he got to the highest levels his clunkiness would have him getting knocked out more than Frankie Edgar. That joke hurt me. I love you, Frankie.

But did anyone ask about Jokic as a UFC heavyweight? No. I just thought about it and the idea of some colorado pothead douche potentially thinking that Nikola Jokic could compete in the UFC upset me, so I had to set the record straight. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Noah Gagnon

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