Could Belle Delphine Be Sued For Selling ‘Her’ Bathwater? Rumor Has It Not Every Jar Had Her Bathwater In It And She Could Be In Big Trouble

OK, so you might’ve heard about this girl Belle Delphine, and if you haven’t you’re not missing out on much that’s unless you want to spend your money on this teenagers bath water. Which might intrigue some of you weird fucks.

Yeah, she’s good looking and all but what the actual fuck?

Who buys this shit? Lol. Bathwater? Even if it is actually hers what the hell. Smart on her part, dumb on yours if you bought it.

Imagine all the Dudes in their moms basement right now that are buying this water drinking it, probably jacking off to it, and here is little Belle selling out of her own Bathwater.

According to a reddit user Belle could be in some trouble after selling her bathwater as he has reportedly done tests on the bathwater and it shows no sign of the

I wish that there was a video of these tests, I wish there was more proof.

But honestly, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

Now watch these couple of videos of these weird fucks drinking her water or explaining it.

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