Could Andrew Cuomo’s Career Be Cooked? Governor Grabass Gone?

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Increasingly dark days for New York Governor Andrew “King” Cuomo as sexual harassment allegations threaten to ruin his run as one of New York’s worst governors. Cuomo, the winner of Pro Sports Extra’s 2020 “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” Award could be cancelled as politicians and citizens alike are calling for him to resign.

While it’s unknown if any ass grabbing was involved during King Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment escapades, you can’t help but wonder.

How bad are things for the man I’ve dubbed “Governor Grabass?” The New York Times recently reported:

A small, but expanding, coterie of Democratic lawmakers called on Mr. Cuomo to step down, as did the state Working Families Party, which has frequently clashed with the governor. Among some donors, there was an increasing sense of discomfort with reports of Mr. Cuomo’s behavior and uncertainty around his future, with one active Democratic donor describing a growing instinct to “hedge their bets.”

Does “Governor Grabass” look creepy to you?

As noted in a recent FOX News online article:

Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment or unwanted sexual advances by multiple women while still under fire over his handling of nursing home deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic

While Cuomo is considered innocent until proven guilty, critics can’t help but note how Emperor Andy talked down to New Yorkers during the pandemic while adopting a “do as I say, not as I do” approach to pandemic protocols (such as telling people not to gather for Thanksgiving only to reveal he was getting together with his elderly mother). Add in what some people might call a criminally negligent policy of sending COVID patients to nursing homes (resulting in numerous deaths for the elderly residents confined there) and you have people wondering what other things Governor Grabass has been doing in and out of the Executive Mansion.

The accusations aren’t just being noted by Cuomo’s critics. It appears the sycophants in the media are dumping Cuomo faster than an afternoon lunch at Taco Bell, with FOX News reporting:

Liberal pundits and reporters who showered New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo with praise and accolades are backtracking amid a pair of high-profile scandals that have tarnished his political future

This is nothing new but it’s always funny to watch the media build someone up without any scrutiny then think they can restore their credibility by damning their former favorite.

The media’s bootlicking is nothing new but it’s funny AF when exposed.
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