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Coronavirus Case Total in Michigan Up to 12

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Just a day or two ago, we reported that the state of Michigan has had their first two confirmed cases with the Coronavirus.

But tonight however, the confirmed case total number for the virus has now rose to 12.

According to, the people affected with these cases are specific listed as follows:

  • a Ingram County female, who was just on a cruise.
  • two adult females and one adult male from Kent County, whom all of them had been on international travel with the past couple weeks.
  • an adult female from Montcalm (in central Lower Peninsula near Mount Pleasant), who had been on international travel.
  • two Oakland County adult males; one who had not traveled recently and one who had did travel domestically.
  • one St. Clair County adult male, who has traveled domestically.
  • one Washtenaw County adult male and female; whom one has traveled to New York, while one went to Europe.

Those cases join the two cases that were tested positive recently; one from Wayne County and one from Oakland County.

The symptoms for the virus could appear within two days and could stay in as long as 14 days.

Those symptoms do seem and they include fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, but it could be severe for others.

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