Controversy Rises After Large Beach Party Was Hosted in Cass County, Michigan (Video)

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The 4th of July holiday/weekend is a time for celebration to our Independence; however, the country is still in the middle of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Especially with the recent spike of cases in some states, including Florida, Texas, and Michigan.

And at Cass County in southwest Michigan is facing some controversy after a video of a huge beach party at Diamond Lake.

The party appears to have at least a hundred of partygoers in attendance.

And some fellow Michiganders were outraged over this party.

Just so you know, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer moved most the state back to Phase 4 after a recent spike of cases. Many of those cases are asymptomatic or linked to a bar/restaurant in East Lansing.

The Upper Peninsula and the Northern Michigan regions are still in Phase 5–for now.

If you seen the meme, ‘Coronavirus like this’ before, this may be applied to this party and video here.

Let’s just hope they’ll be okay in a couple weeks from this party. It’s alright to host a celebration as long as it’s in control and done in a safe manner, but this party, way over-the-top.

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