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Controversial Ex-NBA Referee Becomes Pro Wrestling Ref

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Tim Donaghy, who resigned in disgrace as an NBA referee back in 2007, will join Major League Wrestling as the ”personal referee” for Richard Holliday. MLW was set to hold TV Tapings at an undisclosed location in Florida from 10/18/20 to 10/20/20 at an empty arena. The new episodes will air in November.

Donaghy was sent to prison for 15 months in 2008 for betting on the NBA games that he was officiating. He pled guilty. In 2017, he was arrested for aggravated assault after an altercation while looking for his 19-year-old daughter at a ”drug house”.

Last decade, Donaghy alleged that the NBA wanted to purposely fix games if they thought certain teams would be better for television ratings.

Sports Illustrated did an interview with Donaghy about joining MLW. He said he was a pro wrestling fan growing up and compared it to the NBA as ”entertainment”.

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