Conor McGregor’s Latest Attempt To Stay Relevant Proves Why He Is Trash

I’ve never been a Conor McGregor fan. He’s not funny or entertaining to me at all. I understand that you have to sell fights but this guy goes above and beyond that. Back in January we saw a more respectful version of Conor McGregor, the McGregor who I assumed to be the real Conor McGregor. I thought that after years of playing the heel that that he had finally grown out of it, boy was I wrong. Leading up to his latest fight against Dustin Poirier he spoke ill about Dustin’s wife and told him he would send him out in a stretcher. Ironically it was McGregor who left the arena in a stretcher after breaking the same leg he threw a kick with at the press conference. I was filled with joy when Dustin was on top of McGregor delivering a true beating, I never like to see anyone get hurt but karma does not miss and she hit McGregor right in his leg. Even after he took his L he was still running that damn mouth of his. Going into the fight I said that Conor didn’t believe in anything he was saying, those days are over. He’s made too much money, he’s not hungry anymore and once you lose that there’s no more coming back. The fight game is both mental and physical, mentally he has lost his edge and physically he’s reached his ceiling.

After the fight Khabib Nurmagomedov took to Twitter and tweeted “Good always defeats evil.” and showed his support for Dustin. The same Khabib who choked that dweeb Conor McGregor out. So on Monday in a disrespectful Twitter rant, McGregor would tweet “Covid is good and father is evil?”. Khabib lost his father last year due to COVID-19 complications. McGregor’s tweet was obviously an indirect reply to Khabib, taunting his deceased father. I’m not sure how this guy even has fans or friends for that matter. How can you support such a vile, ignorant, pathetic little man? There’s nothing positive about Conor McGregor, he’s washed in the octagon and a terrible person outside of it. He didn’t have much to say to Khabib when he was getting choked out like Jody in Baby Boy. Truth be told I don’t want to see McGregor back in the UFC I just hope he fades into irrelevancy.


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