Conor McGregor Will Destroy Dustin Poirier Tonight

What a day it is. Conor McGregor fight day. One of the most special, extraordinary, entertain ing days of the year, and its finally upon us. If you’re not familiar with the fighters, or even if you are, prepare yourself for a complete slaughter.

I’ve watched a lot of Conor McGregor in my life, and this version of Conor is the most dangerous. He’s training, he’s focused, he’s dedicated, and that means he’s dangerous. This type of focus hasn’t always been the case for Conor, but this time around he isolated himself for a camp in Portugal, and supposedly spent over one million dollars in training. Thats a recipe for a bloodbath.

Stylistically, Dustin’s really just built to get beat up by Conor. He has solid power, but doesn’t hit as hard as Conor. Decent movement, but not as elusive as Conor. A more than respectable ground game, but he wont use it. McGregor outmans Poirier from virtually every angle here, and I just see no way in which Dustin beats him.

So, prepare yourself, folks. This is gonna be an old-school McGregor beat down. He’s gonna be flashy, move a lot, and land some bombs. He’s not exactly in Dustin’s head, but he doesn’t have to be, he’s simply better. Conor McGregor fooks up Dustin Poirier inside one round. Enjoy the bout while it lasts.

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