Conor McGregor throws an all-time bad first pitch

Just your daily reminder that MMA fighters can actually be pretty uncoordinated. Conor McGregor threw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game today, and it was Carly Rae Jepsen level bad. Like, this was such a bad throw that I’d honestly put it on the Mount Rushmore of bad first pitches. Take a look.

What could he have possibly been aiming for? Was he 10 Proper 12 shots deep by the time the game even started? Hey, I guess that’s what it takes to get through a Chicago Cubs game these days, am I right guys?? Ha! A little baseball humor for your reading pleasure.

But really, this does serve as a nice reminder that even the best MMA fighters can actually have terrible coordination when it comes to anything involving a ball. It will forever perplex me how guys like Conor can have elite hand speed and concentration in the face of the most dangerous men on the planet, but when it comes to throwing a baseball straight for 60 feet you might as well be asking him to check a leg kick. Heyo! MMA humor now, I’m on fire.

BTW, his jumper is broken too, check that out.

The funniest part of this whole thing, as always, is the Conor McGregor fanboy reaction. I’m a Conor fan, a huge one too, but the guys that blindly defend him on Twitter are a different breed. It’s gonna be awesome watching them try to defend something that’s just so undeniably bad that there’s no possible defense for it. They’ll probably just spew some shit about how the Cubs set him up like Showtime and then go back to arguing with random guys in Siberia about a melee that happened in 2018.


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