Conor McGregor Tells A Heckler She Has A ‘Dick Nose’

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UFC superstar was answering fan questions/remarks on Twitter when he criticized a heckler. McGregor tweeted at Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz that he would celebrate his death. The Khabib camp vs McGregor beef is well documented. Both sides absolutely hate each other and ridicule each other every other week.

A fan took exception to him wishing death on Khabib’s manager and called McGregor a rapist. McGregor, not one to back down, told the fan that she had a ‘dick nose’ and needed to ‘wear a mask over that thing.’ In true McGregor fashion, he deleted the interaction, but not before someone took a screenshot.

Peep the exchange below:

While this fan crossed a line by accusing him of rape, he is a superstar and doesn’t have to respond to every troll on the internet. I’m all for the Twitter drama. I can’t get enough as it’s so entertaining, but McGregor is becoming notorious for tweeting and deleting (pun intended). His team just needs to take his phone away so he can focus on rehabbing his leg. Less talking, more fighting.

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