Conor McGregor Says He’d Love to go on the Joe Rogan Experience

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Okay, okay, everybody stay calm, but there’s a chance we could get one of the greatest meeting of the minds ever recorded on a podcast. A three hour sit down between Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor? Yeah I’d rather listen to that then literally any other conversation in the world. If I could talk to allah himself, or listen to Joe and Conor, I’d take Joey and the Con-man all day long.

What do you think they’d talk about? Whiskey? Fighting (obviously)? I wonder what Conor Mcgregor thinks about chimps. Has he ever done DMT? We’ll find it all out! Seriously, I don’t think that there’s an MMA fan on the planet that wouldn’t experience at least a slight arousal when listening to that meeting of the minds.

Amongst all the trash talking gems and bone chilling one-liners, I’m positive that Conor would actually come off tremendously inspirational and motivational throughout their conversation. People forget that behind that behind all the money, and the flash, and the lavishness, that Conor Mcgregor is a damn savage who scrapped and clawed for everything he’s earned. I’d seriously consider donating a testicle to listen to what that guy has to say to Joe Rogan for three hours.

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