Conor McGregor is Disgusted with Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

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Finally, the voice of reason has spoke. Whenever some serious shit is going down in the combat sports world these days, I need to hear Conor Mcgregor’s opinion in order to feel some sort of calmness. Luckily in this case, and as usual, I side with The Notorious.

I mean, does this guy ever miss? He’s right! What does Floyd think he’s doing? He’s completely embarrassing himself by taking a boxing match against a youtuber. It’s the greatest boxer of all time fighting Logan Freaking Paul! That would be like Kevin Durant deciding to 1on1 a twitter troll on pay-per-view. Oh wait, KD would definitely do that. You know what I mean.

My favorite part of the Conor rant was the admission that everyone’s gonna watch that fight illegally. But like, does he think people aren’t doing this for his fights? The guys probably lost over 100 million to illegal streamers, but its funnier when he makes fun of Floyd for doing the same thing.

But I guess the bottom line of this whole thing is that all the people who are saying that Conor McGregor is gonna fight Jake Paul of morons. There’s a greater chance of Conor Mcgregor reading this blog and venmoing me 10 million dollars than there is him getting in the ring with Jake Paul for 10 mil. Despite all the flashiness, trash talk, and scandals, he is somewhat of a purist and he’ll never urinate on his legacy by taking a fight with Jake Paul.

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