Conor McGregor is Back and Ready to Whoop Some Ass at UFC 257

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It’s officially official, on January 23, the McGregor show is returning to the octagon. He’ll fight Dustin Poirier in a five round contender fight, and at the end he’ll donate $500k to Poirier’s charity. Don’t get me wrong, I love charity, donating is fun, yay Red Cross woo-hoo. Buuuuuttttttt, quite frankly I’d prefer some animosity in this contest. I miss the days of Monster cans flying through the air, and dolly’s going into bus windows. I wanna see Dana White try to stop the men from throwing each other off the stage, not making out during the stare down. 

Despite the unfortunate lack of pre-fight antics, the fight itself is gonna be sick. We most likely won’t be seeing a 30-second McGregor KO in this one, as Poirier is younger and faster than Cowboy was, and we certainly won’t be seeing any Khabib-style grappling either. These two are gonna stand and bang. You’ll be shadow boxing in your living room watching these guys hurl bones and sling bombs at each other, and I’m praying we get to see all 25 minutes of it. 

McGregor even hinted at this one going down at JerryWorld, and as a psychotic Cowboys and UFC fan, that really chubbs me up. Unfortunately, however, we must refrain from the McGregor x AT&T Stadium marriage until a post-pandemic world. Connor McGregor fighting in a socially distant JerryWorld would be like getting an over-the-pants handy from a pornstar. A complete waste of a beautiful situation. 

No matter where the fight goes down, I’ll be watching. Trash talk or not, McGregor remains the most entertaining watch in all of sports, and the sports world is better with him in the octagon. 

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