Conor McGregor Insinuates That Jake Paul Is A “Blogger Jackass Boxer!” @jakepaul

Over the past year, we have heard Jake Paul chirp about Conor McGregor and insult him multiple times. To Paul’s defense, he did put out a contract for McGregor to sign but it never happened thus giving Paul even more ammo.

Paul recently stated that his fight with Ben Askren drew 1.5M pay per view buys resulting in $54M in revenue. In comparison, when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor locked horns in 2017, they did nearly 4.3M buys generating nearly $360M in revenue. Paul looked at things a bit differently and was quick to highlight that he made considerably more money in his third fight ever than McGregor or Mayweather did in their third ever fight.

It seems like McGregor had enough to Paul’s constant needling. Earlier this afternoon, McGregor posted the following tweet.

McGregor is clearly not being too subtle here. I know I personally would love to see Conor McGregor and Jake Paul square off in the ring in a boxing match. Will it ever happen? It sounds like the ball is in McGregor’s court. There is clearly money to be made. The question is, will McGregor ever man up and sign the contract?

Speaking of Jake Paul, earlier today he called UFC President Dana White a “Douche!” Read the article below to read all about what transpired today!


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