Confirmed: Star Wide Receiver Jameson Williams Tears His ACL

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With a hot topic surrounding today’s day in age whether to sit out in bowl games or to play them, Alabama’s star receiver, Jameson Williams tears his ACL last night in the National Championship game. There is no question that if you are in the playoffs then you should play the game, but when you are the top receiver entering the 2022 NFL draft then things can get tricky. Williams was having a solid game midway through the second quarter until he caught a 40 yard pass over the middle and planted his leg in a weird way.

According to Adam Schefter, things are still trending in the right direction for him. He will be seeing surgery here shortly, and hopes to still remain a top pick in the draft. We all wish him a speedy recovery and a successful career down the road, nobody likes to see a young athlete go down the way he did especially in the National Championship game.

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Jonathan Garner

Senior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major
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