Confirmed: Shannon Sharpe Has CTE

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Shannon Sharpe is off the yak again for sure. I swear every week this guy has a stupid tweet, here is his latest:

There is no way you can have two eyeballs, know the game of football, and believe that Cam Newton would be a more effective QB than Mac Jones.

You just can’t. No disrespect to Cam dude was a best five years ago but he saw better days, the man proved last year he can’t throw the ball more than ten yards and he did not fit the model of the ‘Patriot Way.’ Mac Jones certainly does.

No being rude to Cam but I truly believe there are highly touted high school quarterbacks that would be more effective than Cam Newton in the National Football League. I just don’t buy the fact that this version of Cam that we saw last year would be better than Mac Jones. Cannot see it.

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