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The Blacks Lives Matter movement is picking up steam and rightfully so as people have rallied around the brutal murder of George Floyd and renewed cries for social justice and an end to racial inequality. Don’t believe me? Check out the email I just received from Designer Shoe Warehouse:

I’m certainly not going to mock any individual or business that’s helping to fight inequality, injustice, or any social ill. However, I am a bit skeptical when I see every business on earth trying to get their name associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Should people ask “so what was your policy before?” think of this as shameless marketing, or look at it as an honest, if poorly-executed to show solidarity?

I don’t know at this point but I can’t wonder how much longer before stores start announcing “In honor of Black Lives Matter, we’ve rolled back prices on washers and dryers.” Don’t think it could happen? Just look at all the commercials that have taken advantage of the coronapocalypse.

It’s likely things are only going to get worse as corporations show “they’re on board” despite policies and practices that suggest the bottom line is their only concern.

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Mike Rickard II

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