Indianapolis Colts are the most logical destination for Le’Veon Bell

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No storyline is bigger this NFL season. What’s to become of one of best running backs in the game.

Rumors of Le’Veon Bell being linked to the Philadelphia Eagles are very recent. Although it’s possible, I’m not sold that’s the best destination.

Sure Bell might get a chance to win a title with Philly, but it’s rather unlikely he’d stay long term past 2018. He wants a big deal with lots of guaranteed money, so im not sold it’ll happen.

Then again, he has no say in where he goes. There’d have to be a lot of cap space shuffling to get him on the roster.

Logically, the team most desperate for help at running back that has the funds and extra draft capital to pry Bell from the Pittsburgh Steelers is actually another AFC team. It’s the Indianapolis Colts.

Second year vet Marlon Mack and rookies Jordan Wilkins and Nyheim Hines haven’t provided enough help for recovering quarterback Andrew Luck. Bell would instantly ignite this offense and offensive-minded head coach Frank Reich would have a field day if he was on the roster.

Luckily for the Colts, they traded down in the 2018 Draft with the New York Jets, thus nabbing an extra second round pick in the process. Seemingly, this trade makes the most sense.

Of course the Steelers want a second rounder in exchange but they’d also like a player to boot. I wouldn’t doubt they’ll get what they want in exchange for their All-Pro runner.

Bell has stated he plans to report following the bye week. This means finishing his season in Pittsburgh isn’t completely out of the question.

No doubt about it, the team most interested in his services will need to pony up the dough and make an offer the Steelers can’t refuse.

I’m sold with Indy as the best fit and I’m not alone. Whether they win the Le’Veon Sweepstakes or not has yet to be determined. They’ll need to pull the trigger quickly or Philadelphia could swoop in and make another Super Bowl winning move.

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