Collin Sexton Makes Cavs History

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Collin Sexton has been playing at an all-star level and the Cavs are surprisingly fun to watch. Oh, and the Cavs just beat the eastern conference finals in back to back games. Sexton did something last night that not even Lebron did in Cleveland.

Sexton has been straight up ballin this season. On Wednesday, Sexon had his career game. Sexton had 42/5/5 plus two steals and one block. 20 of those 42 came in overtime, where Sexon scored 20 straight.

Sexton now has 67 combined points in his last two games. In ten games, Sexton is averaging 26.8/2.4/4.2 on 52.3% shooting overall and 46.8% from three.

The Cavs drafted Sexton eighth overall in 2018. The only reason the Cavs had that pick was because of the Kyrie trade with Boston. When the Cavs drafted Sexton, it was not deemed a good pick. Now, he’s probably the third-best player from that draft class. Hell, we should all have known Sexton was going to be a stud when he had to play three on five in a college game at Alabama. He dominated.

The future is bright in Cleveland.

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