College Football Picks!! Shot 68.75% Last Week Who Wants Free Money!!!

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Alright you fellow gambling degenerates last week I shot my shot and hit big on my picks. Each week I will be giving you my college football picks against the spread. I will be giving you the games I am actually putting money on, so if I don’t like the match up I’m not putting my money on it, so I won’t have you think that I am. Last year I finished at 61% on all my picks and as you can see from the title I’m starting off hot this year as well. Some picks I’ll give you a little synopsis of the match ups and some are just gut feelings. So lets get started on making some units!!!!!

1. Houston +5 @ Tulane- Played a good game last week vs WSU and I love Hogerson
2. Utah -4 @ USC- Better team, USC starting QB out, USC just isn’t who they once were
3. Syracuse -5.5 vs Western Michigan- Devito puts up huge numbers after tough loss last week
4. Florida -14 vs Tennessee- Love how the Gators looked when Trask came in, this is a blowout
5. Northwestern -9 vs. Michigan State- Northwestern at home and MSU can’t score close game
6. Michigan + 3.5 @ Wisconsin- Harbaugh gets a big win finally
7. Wyoming +3.5 @ Tulsa- They beat Mizzou who is good and they are getting the points easy
8. Louisville +6.5 @ FSU- Louisville is on the verge few years out and FSU is declining still fast
9. North Carolina -3 vs App State- Everyone is on App State so fade everyone and win
10. Texas A&M -3.5 vs Auburn- Mond plays a little better then Nix, A&M and the 12th man
11. Mississippi St -6.5 vs Kentucky- Gut feeling coming off a tough loss to KSU
12. WVU -4.5 @ Kansas St.- Let down game after win last week for KSU
13. Stanford -10 vs Oregon- Rivalry game after being embarrassed fade the public go trees
14. Texas -6 vs Okla St- Texas is Back!!! For this game anyways, Ehlinger huge game
15. Notre Dame -14.5 @ Georgia- UGA wins but that’s a lot of points to cover
16. Colorado 7.5 @ ASU- Too many points, UC off bad loss bounces back

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