College Football is Cancelled; Just Accept It!!!

All of the Commissioners of the Power 5 Conferences held an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the fall sports season, as reported by ESPN.

One unnamed Power 5 Commissioner told ESPN “It doesn’t look good”. As well as an unnamed Power 5 coach telling the unnamed ESPN reporter that “Nobody wants to be the first to do it”. The MAC postponed their season until the spring over the weekend, being the first FBS conference to do so.

Sources gathered by ESPN have said that after the BIG Ten meetings on Saturday the midwestern juggernaut conference is ready to pull all fall sports. This is not great for the rest of the Power 5. The emergency meeting of all the Power 5 conferences on Sunday was to see if the rest of the 4 conferences would follow suit. Most of the BIG Ten presidents said they would vote to postpone the football season, until the spring.

Now that all of those facts are out there, let’s get to the opinions. My thing is to it or don’t. Stop reading fans and media and either play or don’t. Will I be upset if they don’t play, of course but stop reading everyone. Just say no if that’s the decision that’s ultimately going to be made. Just pull the damn band aid off so people can dive into a series on Netflix they have never watched. We all know it’s not going to happen so just fucking cancel it like everything else in 2020; the year of canceling. I hate writing this piece, I want football so bad and tried to hold out hope but it’s gone on to Netflix!!

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