College Football Continues To Change

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The PAC 12, BIG 10, and the ACC have decided to join forces to combat the evil empire that is the SEC. With the SEC adding Texas and Oklahoma, it was clear that other conferences had to do something. Needless to say, something has been done.

The partnership between these three conferences is not a merger where they have become one big conference. Instead, they have partnered together to play each other in out of conference games.

This means we will see early season matchups between teams like Ohio State, USC, Clemson, Wisconsin, Oregon, Florida State, Michigan, Washington, and Miami. Matchups like these will boost the schedules for the teams in the respective conferences and increase the likelihood of them reaching the college football playoff.

There are two negatives to this. The first is, the BIG 12 is dead. It was already suspected this was the case when Texas and Oklahoma left, but this is the last straw. The teams that remain will likely leave and join other conferences. I suspect we see Baylor, Texas Tech, and TCU join the PAC 12. We should see West Virginia join the ACC. Kansas, Iowa State, and Kansas State will likely join the BIG 10. I have no idea where Oklahoma State goes, probably the PAC 12.

The other negative is this just shows how money-driven college football is. One thing I and many other fans had loved about college football is the tradition. The colors, the fans, the rivalries, the matchups, just the pageantry of the sport. Seeing the Oklahoma Texas move, and then this merger, it just shows that college football is just like every sport. Money talks.

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