College Basketball Needs Fans More Than Any Sport

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We are about a week into the college basketball season. While it has been exciting with multiple upsets and awesome finishes, the one thing that this season has proven is that college hoops NEEDS fans more than other any sport. Sports, in general, have been different thanks to COVID-19, but nothing sticks out more than college basketball with no fans. There isn’t a more odd sight than watching Duke play in Cameron with no fans. If you thought that place seemed like a high school gym before, oh boy go watch a game now.

College basketball is built off the fans and the traditions. No fans this year have made the product a hard watch. This is coming from a guy who loves college basketball. Growing up in North Carolina, you had no choice but to love college hoops. This year is just a hard product to watch, there are no electric atmospheres. We need those electric atmospheres back. I will continue watching because I love college basketball but for most people, this product is not the same, and understandably so. Please, we need this vaccine already so we can go back to the good old days where the student sections were packed, and you could hardly hear yourself think.

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