Colin Cowherd Misses Shows After Medical Emergency

It came as a shock to myself and many others when Monday’s episode of The Herd kicked off to the voice of Nick Wright instead of regular host Colin Cowherd. After all it was the Monday after the Super Bowl, which is typically the biggest sports radio day of the year, and I wanted to hear Uncle Colin rightfully suck Tom Brady off from 12-3 ET. So, when Nick Wright came on the air instead, the entire sports radio fanbase was losing their freaking minds. Cowherd put the confusion to an end today in this instagram video.

Wow. That one sounds scary, but honestly not surprising. You knew a workhorse like Colin wouldn’t miss the week after the Super Bowl for some bitch-ass injury, so a blood-clot is definitely understandable. For all the entertainment Colin brings us, we really do owe the guy a get well soon message. You never know how much you love something until its gone, and I want Colin back on the damn radio. Get well soon, Uncle Colin!

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