Cody Wolfe – He Is The Biggest Fraud In Country Music? – @CodyWolfeMusic

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Cody Wolfe is an absolute FRAUD! His social media accounts prove it. His music proves it. He’s had one decent song throughout his entire career and buys 500K worth of Twitter followers? What a joke.

I am searching through h is Instagram and seeing no images of him actually in the ‘private jet’ just seems fishy?

Why does he have over 65,000 Instagram followers, verified, and only is getting 400 views on videos that he posts?

Why does he have over 500K Twitter followers, verified, and is lucky to get 30 likes on a Tweet?

He really started his own ‘media’ company to post Tweets about himself, yup! You read that right, he started his own media company to post that he is boarding his jet.

His most viewed song on YouTube is at 130,000 views. You’re telling me he has a jet? It’s a good song. But 130K, no big shows? And has a jet? Lol.

People have been calling out Cody for being a fraud for years, I’m sure me doing so won’t change anything. How hard is it to be yourself?

I wish Cody nothing but the best… But stop being a fraud. In reality… He isn’t THAT bad.. He isn’t THAT great… He has room to improve. There is a chance he makes it. He just needs to get out of his own head.

Click here to go to his recent music videos, CodyWolfeVEVO.

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