Coastal Carolina 8-0. Are They America’s Cinderella?

If you have watched the Spiked: College Football Show brought to you by Pro Sports Extra, you will know I have been all over CCU. I was all over this team since the preseason.

Huge fan of the most underrated player in college football in Red Shirt Freshman Grayson McCall. Not only doing it on the stat sheet as you can see. Just watch a Chanticleer game, the young man leads and wills his team to victory.

Now I’m not only going to show love to the offensive side of the ball. The Chants also have a Linebacker core who make plays. Led by the Mullet Menaces Silas Kelly and Teddy Gallagher. Not only do these boys have sick flows, they lead a defense that makes big plays and creates timely turnovers.

They are most definitely my favorite team to watch, The Teal, The Name, the Cinderella underdog story. Go Chants!!!! They are going to the Playoff!!

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