Coast Guard Suspends Search for Missing Former WWE Star

The US Coast Guard has suspended its immediate search for Shad Gaspard two days after the former WWE star went missing while taking a swim with his son on Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Tuesday morning the USCG confirmed they are no longer assisting in recovery efforts and the investigation is now being led by the LAPD.

Gaspard, 39, was last seen caught in a rip current along with his son and several other individuals. Eyewitness accounts from various media sources have stated Gaspard disappeared under a large wave and was presumed to be pulled out to sea. Lifeguards were able to successfully rescue Gaspard’s son as well as the other individuals caught in the current. Gaspard directed the Lifeguards to save his son first. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach him before it was too late.

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