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Coach Duggs Shouts Out Johnny From ProSportsExtra During Grit Week!!!

If you don’t know Johnny from Pro Sports Extra one word would define him Gritty. His whole life he’s worked his ass off. Never the fastest or the strongest but always the most reliable. Hard-working dedicated and just an overall unit of a man. Recognition never came to him and he never asked for it. He just strapped up his helmet or threw on his batting gloves and went to work every day. A two sport two star athlete coming out of high school. He was a master of nothing but an apprentice of all!

His day in the sun finally came when he was recognized by the greatest college football coach of all time Coach Duggs. This is not a biography this is an autobiography I am that gritty young man. I would just like to say to Coach Duggs, thank you for the shout out. One unit to another unit, real knows real. Thanks Coach Duggs for knowing that I do have the grit and what it takes to make it to the top, and maybe follow in your huge footsteps of greatness.

Fear that damn tiger, fear the dadgum, fight on, guns up, fear the spear, good old rocky top. Coach Duggs you are a legend and I feel honored that my name came out of your mouth.

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