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C’mon Browns…Do Better

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The Browns have requested to interview Eagles defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz. That’s right…Jim Schwartz. The Browns missed out on Mike McCarthy and are now wanting to interview Jim Schwartz. You have all these different coaches and coordinators out there, and you want to interview Jim Schwartz. 

I’m not only frustrated by this because of the fact he was an unsuccesful head coach before, but he is also a defensive minded coach. I understand that I’m just some guy behind a keyboard, but even I could tell you that the team NEEDS an offensive mind at head coach. 

The Browns are still due to interview the likes of Kevin Stefanski, Brian Daboll, and Josh McDaniels, but because of this, I don’t understand why you have to interview Schwartz. He has been a good coordinator for the Eagles, but other than that, he has a head coaching record of 29-51 with one playoff game that his team lost. 

Although that is one more playoff game than the Browns have been to in the past 18 years, if they get the permission to interview Schwartz, it hopefully won’t be anything more than an interview. McDaniels is being interviewed by the team on Friday. Daboll is being interviewed Monday. It is not yet known when Stefanski will be interviewed since the Vikings beat the Saints fair and square for the second time in three seasons. 

Stefanski is the coach that DePodesta wanted last season, so I hope they can hire him. Daboll has done a nice job forming Josh Allen, and the Bills offense. We all know McDaniels resume. I’m hoping the Haslams will make the right move, and NOT HIRE JIM SCHWARTZ!!

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