Detroit Lions

Clete Blakeman Who Blew Last Seasons Lions vs Packers Monday Night Football Game Will Officiate This Sundays Lions vs Packers game!

Are you kidding me? I can’t believe the NFL is this stupid! I almost don’t want to watch this Sunday.

Last season during Monday Night Football game between Detroit and Green Bay ended up being one of the most controversial games in NFL history. Former Packers players came out and said Detroit was screwed.

What does the NFL do for this years Lions vs Packers game? Have the same damn official! Yup!!!

Clete Blakeman is going to be refereeing the game this weekend! I can’t believe the NFL would have the audacity to do this after last season.

Thank god fans aren’t allowed at this game. I’ve been going to all Lions vs Packers games in Green Bay and was kicked out last season. There was a good chance that I said screw it before the game started and ran on the field and punch Blakeman in the face! This is utterly disgusting.

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