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Clean Up The U.P, #YooperTrashTag Challenges Yoopers To Pick Up Litter April 8th – 19th and use the hashtag #YooperTrashTag

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With Earth Day being this month Yoopers are trying to take action and challenge other Yoopers to pick up trash between April 8th – April 19th. And not only that it’s time to get this movement trending. When you post be sure to use the hashtag #YooperTrashTag and to show you support your number one website use #PSETrashTag.

You can also use the hashtag that is going viral around the world and use #TrashTag.

You see garbage laying on the sides of the road everyday. Or better yet your front or back yard. Pick it up for once, and use the hashtag. Show people you’re cleaning up the areas. Brag. Pat yourself on the back. I know it’s tough picking up after others, but take an hour out of your day…. once. And clean up. You’ll feel good about yourself. Your town needs it.

People who’ve been following ProSportsExtra from day one probably remember our U.P community cleanups. If you’re not from the U.P, clean up anyway and use #PSETrashTag.

We might have to pick a date and do another. 😁

Take care of our environment people.

Image below is from our first cleanup which we cleaned up around LAnse. And well we ended it once we found a needle.

Use the hashtag. Let’s start a trend.

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