Clayton Kershaw Realizing He is a World Series Champion is A Pretty Cool Moment

What a great moment Clayton Kershaw realizing he is now finally a World Series Champion was such a cool moment. One of the best pitchers in baseball for the last decade has finally got a ring. It has been fun to goof on him for not being a ‘big game pitcher’ but this postseason he was excellent, 2-0 in the World Series not more you can say. Maybe he benefited from the no fans/ limited fans but who the heck cares. He deserved this plain and simple I am very happy for him.

Baseball is the best, no sport can ever compare and if you don’t understand how romantic this sport can be I feel sorry for you, and you most likely grew up in a house where you played soccer…yuck. Anyways I am happy for Kershaw he finally feels vindicated and he deserves this! Also Kevin Cash should win World Series MVP what a joke that guy is bum, hows your analytics working for you now you shmuck?

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