Clayton Kershaw Criticizes MLB

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The MLB has seen 6 no-hitters this season (if you don’t count Mad-Bum’s), and Clayton Kershaw believes that it’s not good for the game. “Fans want to see some hits, I get that, and some action, and not too many guys striking out,” said Kershaw in an interview with CBS news. With Kluber’s latest no-hitter against the Rangers, this season is one no-hitter away from tying the all time season record. While it’s awesome to see records being broken like that, we’re one month into the season. 6 no-hitters in a month is unheard of. Many MLB players believe this rise in no-hitters and strikeouts is a direct correlation with MLB changing the baseball.

Getting down to it, baseball has one of the biggest problems it has ever had. In the past years, we saw MLB tinker with the balls and there was an all time season home-run record. Now, to combat the criticism, the changes the balls again, and we’re seeing all-time low batting average and a surplus of no-hitters.
This is a good chance for Major League Baseball to decide that the game is awesome and fans appreciate everything about it. Change the balls back to normal before all the strikeouts and home-runs and let the best players in the world show off their skills.

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