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Clay Travis and Dave Portnoy Battle Once Again | Hey Clay, Fight Me Instead, Bitch

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Everyone knows that Dave Portnoy invented the Internet (Barstool Sports) and well Clay Travis on the other hand? Is nothing but a joke. His entire Internet model has been to copy Portnoy. And now… Clay has called out Portnoy to fight… At Portnoys own pay-per-view event, Rough N Rowdy.


Clay Travis on radio:

What happened today?

Dave posted this…

Dave has banned Barstool Employees from Clay’s show….

I can say this is probably true, and makes sense. Why let Clay profit on all Barstool employees?

Daved owned him… which isn’t hard because Clay has openly admitted to copying him.

Here is Clay’s live stream of his opinion….

Dave actually stopped Barstool employees from coming onto my podcast in the past as well. You might remember Tex, he was on my podcast once and Dave wouldn’t let him on again. But since then I’ve had on Big Ev and $20 Chef, and I hope that Dave continues to let Barstool employees on my podcast.

But for Clay Travis? Fuck this loser.

Should Dave fight? Why? To have his shoulder pop out? Why does everyone seem to want to fight El Pres? They can’t battle him in a debate or have a quality hour on radio… nope.. they want to actually get some fresh blood.

Well I tell you what Clay, you want a piece of Pres? Fight me. Bitch. I’ll out of shape, I don’t give two shits, give me four months, a month, I don’t care. I’ll still show up and fight your bitch ass for Pres. Pres has done enough for the Internet. You on the other hand? Need some content. Go Pres Go.

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