Citizen Fights Off and Knocks Out Thug In Front of Car After Getting Provoked… Then Checks in on Him After (Video)


A video captured by Andrew Neill on Twitter shows a man in a black shirt (presuming to be an Asian-American) fighting off a thug or bully after trying to sweep his leg and fight him while on a crosswalk.

The fight would escalate out on to the street in which the pair would go duke it out until the man knocks out the bully with a couple swift punches.

This is what me and most citizens call standing up and defending for yourself.

In the later seconds of the clip, you can see the man checking out on the thug and see if he’s alright too.

It is unknown where this altercation occurred since it is in a city, but you have to have to give props to the guy for sticking it with the bully there—and checking in with him after the fight.

In this day and age, you don’t know what will happen, but standing your ground was the best scenario for that situation. Who knows what could’ve happened if the man didn’t fight.

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