Churchgoers Harassed, Attacked by Black Lives Matter Protesters in New York (Videos)

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There is a lot of buzz going around (good and bad) surrounding the protests and protesters for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. This turns out to be one of the bad moments.

A video shared on Twitter by Chad of the CHAZ and political commentator Paul Joseph Watson shows a group of BLM protesters yelling in their megaphones and assembling a protest outside of Grace Baptist church in Troy, a town in upstate New York.

The women and children that went into the church made it inside safely, but the men were blocking the stairway going up. Then, the protest escalated as the mob got physical with the members, even with a punch or two thrown towards each other.

As part of Chad’s tweet thread, it appears that the church they were at, were protesting a possible AR-15 gun giveaway there.

All I have to say is, hopefully nothing serious happened during the protest and after the ‘giveaway’ that was going on there.

Yeah, I agree that we all have the right to protest in a safe manner and form, but this could have turned ugly at upstate New York.

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