Chris Jones is a Filthy Liar (or he’s transitioning to a career in comedy)

When speaking to the media about the upcoming game against the Jets, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Said, “That’s a very good football team. People forget that because they haven’t won a game.”

Yeeeeaaaahhhh uhhhh I think you’re a little off on this one, Chrissy. I think the reason we for get that the Jets are a good football team is because they play with the competency level of a group of sloths, and the intensity of a napkin. They’ve only scored two touchdowns in the last three games, sport an 0-7 record, and are lead by floundering vagina who couldn’t motivate a football game if life depended on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I typically respect when a football team refuses to overlook a shitty opponent, but the humility just isn’t needed in this situation. The Chiefs could show up to this game strung out on morphine and pound Bud Lites on the sideline and still roll the Jets. But, thanks for the political correctness, Chris.

Hand up, I didn’t actually hear Jones say this in context, so if he was just joking with these comments, disregard everything I just said. The man is a fucking comedian. Instead of giving the cookie-cutter, boring response, he took a jab at one of the worst football teams of my lifetime. So, in synopsis, if he was serious, he’s a boob. But, if he was joking, book his comedy special on Netflix.

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