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Chris Daughtry Posts Frustration Over George Floyds Death “THIS IS MURDER! THIS IS RACISM” | @CHRIS_Daughtry

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Chris Daughtry is known for his music but today he’s known for being a voice during a scary time in the United States of America during a tough and crazy time.

Today Daughtry posted out his frustration over the death of George Floyd:

Ok I can’t sit back any longer and not say something about this. THIS IS JUST WRONG! THIS IS MURDER! THIS IS RACISM! THIS makes me sick to my stomach! This man BEGGED for his life! This man said “I CAN’T BREATHE”!! We ALL as a human race should be DISGUSTED and ANGRY because of this!
THIS was all over what? An alleged counterfeit $20!!!???? Bad check!!?? SERIOUSLY!!???
Ask yourself this:
Would any of this have happened if George Floyd was white!!?? If this bothers you in the least or effects your heart like it has effected mine, please post something to let your voice be heard. This has to stop! #georgefloyd


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