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Chicago To Trade QB; Julian Edleman to Tampa Bay?

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While on the NFL Network’s virtual Draft-A-Thon on Thursday night, Tom Brady made some interesting comments about former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman who just retired a few weeks ago.

“We know Julian didn’t retire. Let’s be honest,” a laughing Brady said during the event. He’s just too scared to tell [Patriots head coach] Bill [Belichick] he wants to come to Tampa. I’ve been there,” Brady added

When Pat McAfee commented on Brady’s remarks on Twitter, this was Edelman’s response:

For now, it seems like Edelman is content in retirement and does not have any plans to play in Tampa in the near future. Who’s to say what happens a year down the road though. It happened with Gronk, I don’t see why it can’t with Edelman.

In other NFL news, rumor has it that Nick Foles could likely be traded in the near future. With the Bears drafting Justin Fields with the 11th overall pick in the draft, keeping Foles around after they just signed veteran Andy Dalton doesn’t make much sense. Foles still has considerable trade value and would be a solid backup quarterback just about anywhere in the league. Given how much money he is likely to make, trading him could prove difficult. However, there are some teams left with a lot of cap space that could use someone like Foles.

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