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Chicago Bulls Nearly Landed Lonzo Ball Before Trade Deadline

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The Chicago Bulls nearly landed Lonzo Ball before the trade deadline. After reports came out regarding the Los Angeles Lakers attempting to trade nearly their entire team the Chicago Bulls decided to reach out and attempted to make a trade.

According to one NBA executive, the Bulls and Lakers had initial conversations about point guard Lonzo Ball shortly after Ball’s camp made it public that Chicago would be one of his desired destinations if the Lakers were to move him.

It is unclear what the Bulls were willing to part with to get him. It is possible that the Bulls would have sent assets to the New Orleans Pelicans as part of a bigger trade for Anthony Davis.

Is it possible the Chicago Bulls make a trade for Lonzo this offseason? Highly doubtful. But then again with LeBron James running the show you just never know. Could Lonzo be on the way out of Los Angeles and his brothers could possibly team up with him in Chicago?


We will have to wait and see.

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