Cheez-Its – They Don’t Miss

Whenever you go to the grocery store solely to get snacks, it can be a little overwhelming with all the various snacks available. Lays, Pringles, Goldfish, the list goes on. All of these choices have a wide variety of flavors, some hit or miss. Like who fucking goes out and gets lightly salted Pringles (which have like zero salt on them)? Love yourself, man. There is one brand though that doesn’t miss with their flavors, that many can say are all better than the original. Cheez-Its.

It succeeds in its simplicity. It’s a baked cheese cracker with salt, what else do you want? With the awesome base that is classic Cheeze-Its, its a matter of adding on to it, rather than taking away stuff like with other brands. You can introduce other cheeses to the mix. Maybe you want the spiciness and queso like quality of pepper jack or the nuttiness of white cheddar? Something as simple as toasting it longer changes the flavor profile for the better. Even chefs

see how consistent they are. You can never go wrong with the sweet and salty quality that comes with cheese. Personally, cheddar jack is king. That jack powder is fucking addictive. It gives you a goddamn reacharound man. So this is a reminder to go out (with a mask of course) and get some Cheeze-Its. Experiment with the flavors, you’re guaranteed to have a bomb ass snack (avoid the whole grain though, it’s not good). Post in the comments what your go-to is.


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