Check out this NASTY UFC KO

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I’m happy to say some vintage MMA has been on display so far in UFC Vegas 16. Most notable, we just saw Jordan Leavitt with a brutal slam KO to shut the lights on Matt Wiman. Check it out.

Wooooooooooo!!! That was brutal wasn’t it? I mean that was some real vintage shit right there. It brought me back to the pride days where you could just brutalize dudes in there and nobody really cared.

This looked like a realistic version of every time a guy gets fake-slammed in the WWE. Instead of rolling in over exaggerated agony, Wiman’s brain legitimately shut down. Don’t get me wrong you don’t root for injury … but it is entertaining. But, props to Leavitt for not laying on any follow up punches, and I’ll definitely be tuning in next time he’s in the cage.

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Noah Gagnon

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