Check Out The New York Jets 2020 Season Highlights: Some Great Plays!

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This is a crazy compilation of some of the best plays the Jets have made this NFL season! Pretty impressive if you ask me! Take a look!

They are so bad the Jets it is not even funny, they are not competitive in any single aspect, expect Brad Mann is proving to be the best punter in football, I guess that is a positive? Adam Gase should be fired tonight but he won’t which is absolutely embarrassing, what else does this idiot have to do to secure him losing his job. The fact that I even have to waste my time typing this is sad it is very simple; FIRE ADAM GASE. I can’t stand this team, it is very sad that they literally put a gameplan together for a whole week and then week in and week out continue to be an absolute disaster. They practice for a week and put a gameplan together and then play like that! Fire everyone. GM Joe Douglas is going to have a lot of explaining to do because there is no way you can ‘build a winning culture’ when you assemble the worst football roster in recent memory. You are a liar Joe plan and simple unless your plan is to put Gase in a position where he will be unable to succeed and gain draft capability so you can then build a winning football team. If that is the plan you are a genius but I have my seeking suspicion you are just as much of an idiot as everyone else associated with this franchise. It is just really sad to watch, and thank God I am not watching. Friendly reminder to Fire Adam Gase.

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