Charly Caruso: Win a Dream Date With Pro Sports Extra’s Mike Rickard

I don’t know if it’s the coronapocalypse confinement or simply a case of a slow ember turning into a raging fire, but RAW interviewer Charly Caruso has really grown on me. Unlike other interviewers, Charly is more than someone who is easy on the eyes. She actually adds something to the interviews with her facial expressions. Charly is actually one of the highlights of RAW’s announce team.

For the record, I take ownership of my column “Does Charly Caruso Have Bad Gas” and was merely pointing out what Ms. Caruso herself suggested-her love for Taco Bell may be why she’s single. Let me tell you something Charly, flatus (foul or fragrant) is no obstacle in a relationship for me.

Hopefully, you’re the type of woman who can appreciate a mature man. I practice DDP Yoga so unlike many wrestling “journalists” I am capable of moving without the aid of a cane or a walker. I can also boast that I have a face for radio.

With that in mind, I’m opening up a contest to win a dream date with Mike Rickard (that would be me). Here are the prizes

-Enjoy a delicious Taco Bell dinner (drive-through or curbside pick-up)

-Movie (Netflix and chill * if theatres are still closed). IMAX and climax if the theatres are open.

*Netflix and chill will either have to be at Charly’s place or the local motel as I still live with my parents.

A signed copy of my books Wrestling’s Greatest Moments and Laughing All the Way to the Bank (Robbery): How an Attorney Survived Prison.

Contest Rules:

  1. Contest is open to WWE Superstar Charly Caruso.
  2. Entrant must send in email with contact information to Mike Rickard c/o Pro Sports Extra.
  3. Winner will travel to go on date OR provide Mike Rickard with first-class airfare, 3-night hotel accommodations at a 5-star hotel (or a stay at Chez Caruso), and tickets to a WWE live event.
  4. Deadline for entering is 12/31/20.

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