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Channing Frye Say’s #1 Thing About LeBron James Is That He Has Smelly Breath | Dave Portnoy Ties It To LeBron Being An Alcoholic

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When Channing Frye looks back at his time playing with LeBron James the first thing he had to mention? It’s that LeBron has smelly breath. Not that he is a star basketball player. Number one, he has bad breath. Why does he have bad breath? Well Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports ties it to LeBron being an alcoholic.

“No. 1, he has smelly breath. Smelly breath,” Frye told Joe Vardon of The Athletic. “No. 2, he was a freak of nature. And then No. 3, Kyle Korver and I fixed his jumper for one year.”

Frye played with LeBron for parts of three seasons with the Cavaliers, winning a Tittle together in 2016. Frye, 35, is set to retire at the end of this season after 13 years in the league.

The well known Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports ties LeBron’s bad breath to LeBron being an alcoholic. Which sound’s true because LeBron has talked about being a raging alcoholic, well for the most part when he mentioned he was giving his very young kids wine.

You can hear what Portnoy had to say yourself by listening to Barstool Sports Rundown.

Either way LeBron… you should probably start to chew gum, or your know… Wash your teeth. Lol. I’m sure you have a brand deal with some sort of toothpaste company. I wonder if his teammates just randomly hand him gum.

Bad teammate. Bad breath. That’s LeBron James for you.

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