Celtics Strike Fool’s Gold in Denver

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Execute👏🏼 Execute👏🏼 Execute👏🏼 I am getting exhausted of the Celtics losing on the road, something has to change. The Denver Nuggets just beat the Celtics 115-107, with Jamal Murray scoring a career high of 48 points and Kyrie scoring 31 points.

Sure, there were some good plays, but executing these three pointers that aren’t being sunk into the basket seems more important if ya ask me! Blogging about this Celtics team just seems like I’m repeating myself over and over again now. The team needs to be more aggressive both defensively and offensively; getting rebounds and taking time to get in place for three pointers.

Now as the Celtics are 6-4 this season, are they still trying to figure out what their roles are? I think Kyrie is back as he scored 31 points and even though that this is a loss, the Celtics have won where he has scored less. I believe it will take a couple more weeks for the Celtics to gel and they can focus more on winning consistently rather than sporadically.

As for now, the Celtics will prepare for game three of their five game away series in nine days against the Phoenix Suns on Thursday (here’s to hoping that I don’t lose another bet on that game 😅😬)!


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