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Celtics Stampede on Bulls

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Warning: I did not see this game (I was out having fun for a #FamilyTradition 🥂)!

With a historic win over the Chicago Bulls last night, the Boston Celtics absolutely destroyed them with a 56-point lead, the largest margin of victory in Celtics history (Brad Stevens era). Watching the highlights, I could already tell that this game was gonna be a massacre; the Celtics opened up with a 17-0 scoring run and they only played better from there.

After analyzing the box score and reviewing the post-game interviews the two most influential players from last night’s game would have to be Daniel Theis and Jaylen Brown with 22 and 23 points, respectively. Theis has played the most he has this season and was recovering from an injury earlier in the season as well, from this we can probably see more of Theis at this caliber later on in the season. Jaylen Brown had a few outstanding plays against the Bulls as well with a breakaway dunk and a fantastic spin move for two.

If the Celtics can play like this from now on, we’ll have an 18th banner in no time. On to the New Orleans Pelicans again.


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