Celtics Hunt Down Hawks

The Boston Celtics are now 2-0 beating the Atlanta Hawks this season and I have a feeling they’re just starting this fire. Final score of 129-108, “The Celtics did what they should’ve done against this struggling Atlanta Hawks team” is what Kyle Draper said and I agree. The Celtics now have the longest winning streak in the NBA this season and they deserve it.

What I like about this game is that no one player played for more than 28 minutes and they were still able to score 120+ points, with 42 of those points being score in the first quarter, burying the Hawks. I contribute this level of high scoring from the ability of the players to pass quickly and to be able to do so to players that don’t come in contact with the rock as much as they should, like Robert Williams III.

What needs to be blogged about is Robert Williams III and what he has been doing. Timelord, Lob Williams, Block Mamba, this is the biggest issue with the Celtics right now, a nickname the way Williams has played the last few games is WILD! Williams is showing his ability to be a well-rounded essential player for this Celtics team.

Lastly, Brad Stevens humbly saying, “We’re not perfect yet” is ice in my veins! Stevens knows he’s taking this Celtics team to the Championship.



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