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Celtics Can’t Catch the Beat

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From looking like the best team in the Eastern Conference yesterday, to not knowing what the hell happened tonight, the Celtics are 0-2 against the Utah Jazz this season. With a final score of 98-86, the Celtics have their newest season low compared to their season high of 123 from the night before. What went wrong here? If you’re wondering how this could’ve have happened, I’m right there with ya, but what I can tell you is that the amount of three pointers that failed to make it into the basket and the amount of turnovers that the Celtics were the leading cause to this loss tonight.

If you read last night’s blog, you would know that it was a “must win” game, and yes that was true, and the Celtics killed it out there, but tonight was completely different. Utah is just that good! The Jazz were hitting three pointers like it was their job and picking passes from the Celtics almost every chance they got. From what I can see, the win from the night before got to the Celtics head, as they weren’t playing to the capabilities they clearly are able too.

Hopefully this doesn’t keep happening because I feel that once the trade deadline closes in, that some major moves are going to be made 😬😬😬

P.S. Found out that snake Grayson Allen plays for Utah, kid did absolutely nothing in the game tonight, I could’ve gone out there and done it better


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